Fighting Limitations With Power

Fighting Limitations With Power May 20, 2023

Giving limitations to God saves us from the fray of battle.
Giving limitations to God saves us from the fray of battle.
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Limitations come at us in all forms; the restrictions we place on ourselves or the pain of “I can’t” or “not today”. There seems to be a constant habit or thought we get stuck in. Smoke clouds our head and we overthink till we can’t focus past the problem. The hope is to see a light, to break our limits and fears, those doubts, but our focus is too much on everything else.

How do we fight limitations? But first, what all are we fighting?

Why Do We Want Control?

I was on the court recently playing volleyball and found myself running, hitting the ball, setting and bracing for the serve. Sweat ran down my forehead and my hair loosened from its knot as people yelled encouragement or help to each other. A “mine” or “got it” vibrated with squeaks of shoes over the gym. After being on the court, I placed the group into teams and watched as the girls battled each other in scrimmage.

Out of the fray of the game, I saw both sides clearly. Subs rushed in and out as the points teetered back and forth from serve to hit. Even though I was in the midst of the game, talking to them and now watching both teams, I found I could focus so much better. I wasn’t concerned about my position or mess ups, hits or turning fast enough to get the ball.

On the sidelines, I watched and communicated. Spirits rose as the game became more intense but I felt more calm from this new vantage point. (Even if I did yell some with passion!)

So, control…that word, that feeling we need to have. We run to it and fight to have it. And when we feel limitations we place on ourselves, or even others, we crave it more. Like a metaphorical shiny trophy. Normally, we let restrictions get the best of us because we crave control. We desire to be so in charge and so busy because we think in that, our doubts cease. If we rush and let life be so busy, we prove we never had limits. No doubts.

Fighting Our Own Limits is Pointless

Being on the sidelines, I realized I  couldn’t actually make any of the girls do what I told them. I could ask and speak but when the ball came to them, it was up to them to do what was right or needed in the moment. And as one team felt scrambled, I watched, calm, because they were actually doing great from my vantage point. they worked hard and together, encouraging and trying over and over.

When we try to buck our human limits, we feel scrambled and alone in the fight as if we are losing over and over. Because as we fight for control, our restrictions become more pronounced, the crazy increases, like people in the middle of a fight or volleyball match. You simply cannot see the big picture.

Our limitations are sometimes a part of us, we are flawed and weak. God knows we are but dust and and simply will not be able to handle life, the spiritual battles or even our own hearts without Him. (Psalm 103:14). Paul also speaks of an apparent “thorn in his flesh”, or a limitation he had.

We cannot fight our doubts on our own, simply put, cut and dry. Our limitations are there and we cannot fight them. But God…in His grace, desires to aid us and grant us peace to overcome every limit and doubt. To understand our flaws and limits we must embrace Him as the supreme help.

Handing Over Limitations

Isaiah 41:10 says, “…I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” God had already spoken and told us to hand our fears and limitations over to Him. He is victorious.

Instead of rushing around on the court of our lives, hand over those limits, let them flee! Give them over and show them raw to Christ. He will remove you from the heat of the battle to the sidelines of peace and life. And there you will watch as life gets crazy, yet, you will see and feel God in every circumstance.

Getting out of the game doesn’t mean defeat but control and peace. That’s true power. That’s the power to admit He holds us and will handle and help us in every area of life. You will feel freedom out of the fight, out of your warring and trying over and over on your own.

Peace Comes Out of the Struggle

Once you let God hold you and no longer fight your limits on your own, you will experience life. But also victory. Your limits are Christ’s victory. Your release of restrictions and flaws to Him only let Him shine brighter within you. 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in weakness. He knows us in and out and loves you and all your flaws. He works through us and His peace and guidance will always cover us.

That gives our limits no power, our flesh no say. Our limitations have no power in His presence.


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