The Parable of the Jell-O | Daylen Bushman

The Parable of the Jell-O | Daylen Bushman June 3, 2023

The New Testament Come Follow Me lessons have recently focused on many of the parables Jesus taught to his apostles and disciples during his mortal ministry.  Those same parables have helped each of us learn lessons that are easily applied into our lives.  I would like to expound on a little known, and recently learned, parable that I refer to as the Parable of the Jell-O.

The Parable of the Jell-O by Daylen Bushman

There was in our neighborhood a very busy man who had little time for pain or distractions of any kind.  He was very focused on his trade and on working to support his family and his other responsibilities.  One day, this man woke with a pain in his mouth that would not subside.  He tried to ignore it for a day or two until the pain became unbearable and began to impact his ability to perform his labors.  The pain grew to a point where the man finally made an appointment to see a local dentist, where he learned the cause of his pain.  Even though this man was consistent with his daily tooth care routine, somehow one of the nerves in his teeth was dying and infected and he needed a root canal to remove the infection and ease the pain.

The root canal was scheduled for the following day and the man eagerly anticipated the relief that would come from the removal of the infection and nerve.  After the successful surgery, the numbing medicine wore off and much to the man’s chagrin, the pain remained.  While there was a short-term, temporary relief from the pain that had plagued him, the long-term and lasting relief was not his to be had at this time and he suffered through more sleepless nights.  Eventually, the pain subsided, and the man was able to return to his normal activities.

This parable isn’t about the pain the man felt in comparison to our earthly trials, disappointments, sin, or grief.  This parable isn’t about the temporary versus the long-term relief we are able to find in our lives through following the path the Savior has laid out in front of us.  This parable isn’t about the man finally putting away his stubbornness and calling the good “doctor” who was able to remove the cause of this pain.  This parable is about the Jell-O.

The man had a brother who was discussing the painful situation with his wife one night.  As they talked about the man’s pain and his inability to consume nourishment through solid food due to the extreme pain that ensued, the brother’s five-year-old daughter sat listening and felt a prick in her heart.  She felt the concern and love for others that was exemplified by our Savior, the Doctor of our Salvation.  She felt charity for her uncle, and this charity led to action.  Concerned that he could not eat, she decided to make something that everyone can eat, Jell-O.  Not knowing her uncle’s favorite flavor of Jell-O, she made four different flavors and delivered them to him so that he would be able to subsist and heal.

Parable of the Jell-O
Picture of Allison by Claudia Bushman

Brothers and sisters, how often do we hear of the misfortune and pain that others are experiencing only to “wish them well” and hope for the best?  Let us follow the example of little Allison by letting that concern and compassion work into charity and action.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of action, and we are instructed to “go forth” and help those in need.  Moroni 7:45 says that “charity suffereth long, … beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”  Charity is the “pure love of Christ”, and Christ served so that our pain could be eased.

I am grateful for the example that Allison was to me in this time of pain.  I am grateful for her concern for me and not only her desire to help but her actions that helped.  I hope that I can follow her example of charitable service and be a support to those that I see in need.  And yes, all four flavors of Jello-O were amazing!

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