RICHARD VANCE GOODWIN – Experiencing God at the Movies

RICHARD VANCE GOODWIN – Experiencing God at the Movies May 26, 2023

Seeing Is Believing: The Revelation of God Through Film.

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Episode Description

Have you ever had a profound experience while watching a movie? When you were so overwhelmed by emotion that you could call it spiritual?

In his book Seeing Is Believing: The Revelation of God Through Film (IVP, 2022), theologian Richard Vance Goodwin argues that such experiences may sometimes be encounters with God. He explores how certain films use various visual strategies to invite viewers to feel emotions that may open them up to God’s presence.

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Films mentioned in this podcast:

2001: A Space Odyssey
Silent Light
The Tree of Life
The Fountain
Hail, Caesar!

Dr. Richard Goodwin is adjunct assistant professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also Academic Director of Teaching and Learning at Pathways College of Bible and Mission in New Zealand.

Richard’s doctorate explored the intersection of theology and film, the thesis of which served as the basis for this book. Prior to that, he completed an MA in Theology through Fuller Seminary, which is just down the road from Hollywood with a track record of engagement with pop culture. Now as affiliate faculty at Fuller, he teaches classes in Theology and Pop Culture as well as Theology and TV. Richard lives in his native New Zealand with his wife and two sons.

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