Rocky Finances Don’t Have to Mean a Rocky Relationship!

Rocky Finances Don’t Have to Mean a Rocky Relationship! June 1, 2023

By Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn

Financial challenges are everywhere these days, aren’t they? Inflation is taking a bite out of budgets, and don’t even get us started on gas prices! Thankfully, there is a way to keep strained finances from creating a strained relationship.

We learned this very personally, ourselves. In March of 2020 we were releasing our latest research project and book –this time, to help married couples come together around money. Finances had always been our biggest marriage issue, and we tried to avoid the entire topic. But we learned so much in our research, and when Thriving in Love and Money was published we were determined to practice what we’d preached.

Ten days later, a national emergency was declared. The Covid-19 global pandemic shut everything down. We suddenly went from having a reasonable business model and cash flow for our ministry and our family, to seeing all speaking engagements cancelled, book sales plummet, and many ministry efforts pivoting onto completely different tracks.

Little did we know that following the principles in our book would keep our relationship afloat during one of the worst financial crises of our 28-year marriage. Here are the principles that mattered most for us – and that the data shows will likely matter for you as well.

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